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CodyRay Caho

Piano, Music Theory, Voice, Jazz, Classical, Rock, Pop, Country, Musicals/Belting, Acting/Stage Expression, All fachs

A lover of stories and questions, CodyRay enjoys the teaching studio where they aim to locate these questions and relate them to students' musicianship and performance skills. Often times our curiosity leads us to new places of understanding. ​

With five years of professional experience, CodyRay has taught both private voice and piano from ages 4-70 with a firm belief that the present is the perfect time to engage your creative nature. Lessons focus on a balanced combination of theoretical, technical, and expressive ideas to help communicate feeling inherent in music. 

All voice students - regardless of style - learn body alignment and awareness techniques to facilitate a flowing engagement with the breath which helps build vocal quality, stamina, and a palate of expressive sounds. More importantly, CodyRay reminds students that a wide array of expression is natural in our day-to-day lives; when we return to this connection to ourselves through creativity, our voices inherently carry immense communicative power.

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