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Frequently Asked Questions

What is

Verismo Music School?

We are an online music school connecting students and teachers

of all instruments and styles, worldwide.

Why should I choose

Verismo Music School?

We have found online music teaching to be really friggin' cool and we want to support it and share it. We want to connect all the seriously awesome teachers in the world with you, the seriously awesome music-learners. 


Do online lessons

really work?

Yes they do! Verismo Music School is run by teachers who have been teaching online for years. They know their stuff. Just like face to face lessons, the most important factor to the success of online lessons are how well the teacher and student gel. And that is what we are here to do for you, find the perfect match.

What instruments

do you teach?

All of ‘em. If we are missing your dream instrument,

contact us and we will try to connect you with a teacher.

Can I learn

multiple instruments?

Yes, as many as you’d like. Set up a trial lesson any time.

Sax Player

How much does

it cost?

We don’t need to rent any studios or instruments so you see the benefits of our low prices. We only charge 25€/30mins, 32,5€/45mins, 40€/60mins and only 20€ for group sessions. We also offer packages of 10 at a 10% discount which can make a great gift (if only to yourself). An in-person lesson at a school would normally cost at least 60€/hr so you get great savings. We will also put out discounts on facebook regularly so make sure you follow us now!

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How do the

timezones and

currencies work?

We're pretty used to having a global community, so I think we have all the time conversions memorized. It'll be calculated for you and times will be told to you in your local time zone.


As for the currencies, you can pay in your currency and we are working on reducing all fees and hassle so that it is easy peasy. We have bank accounts in most major currencies and will bill you via email according to your currency preference.

Do I pay per lesson?

There is this, that, and the other! After you purchase the one-off trial lesson and you like it (hopefully), we'll set you up for monthly payments for each coming month's lessons. You can choose whether you want weekly or fortnightly regular lessons. You can choose whether we invoice you every month or set up a recurring payment. Or, you can buy a package of 10 upfront and use them for up to 6 months. There are always options and solutions. Contact us and we would be happy to tailor something to you.

Am I too old?

NEVER! You can always teach an old dog new tricks ;) Should you have any technical issues we would be happy to help you through them, in the best way that works for you.


NEVER! It is just a question of how and what we teach. We know that from ages 0-6yrs, it makes no sense to attempt the conventional style of one-on-one teaching, especially online, which is why we have partnered with Little Music Makers®! They run amazing online kiddo classes for infants and toddlers. Check them out here!

We run group classes for older kids and one-on-one lessons are definitely doable from 6+, as long as the teacher is the right fit. So, let us find the perfect match for your kid.

Is my child too young

for online lessons?

What are the

group classes?

We're always offering a couple of group classes for adults and kids including piano or keyboard skills, basics of guitar, and music theory and composition. Where there is demand, we'll try and create a class for it. So, let us know if there's something you'd like to see! 

We allow up to 10 people in one class which will be held at a regular weekly time over a period of 10 weeks. The classes will be held entirely online with alternating times for the teacher to be talking, the students to be trying things on mute, and a time to unmute and share with the class.

It can be a really cool way to meet people remotely, challenge each other, learn new skills, and generally have a blast with more people from your comfy home.

What is the

cancellation policy?

We try to find the right balance between being flexible for our students and teachers while still respecting everyone's time.


So, if you give us 5 days' notice before a lesson you can't make, you will not be charged for it. You can either get a lesson credit (to use later, try a different instrument, or give to a family member) or a refund.

If you give your teacher more than 24 hours' notice that you need to reschedule that lesson, they will do their darndest to accommodate and offer you up to three make-up times. This can also include lengthening future lessons. 

If you give less than 24 hours notice of cancellation, you lose the lesson. We get it, life happens, but our teachers will have blocked out that time with no chance of rescheduling it, so we want to respect their time in that scenario.

Essentially, the more notice, the more flexible we can be. 

Do I have to have

an instrument to

start learning?

Absolutely not. If you want to learn some fundamentals, such as sight-reading and ear training, try a music theory trial lesson or group class. You also carry an instrument on you . . . your voice! All our voice teachers would be more than happy to help you try out your vocal cords. There's a lot we can do also help with on the way to find out what instrument would be right for you and how to procure said instrument. 


I don't have time.

That's not a question. But, like, no excuses on that one here. Because we have teachers all over the globe, you can potentially have a lesson at 2 am. For just a half-hour. Every other week. Even if it's just that much, you'll make progress. We will help you practice through the highs and lows. As people who chose to be musicians for our own insane reasons, we know those peaks and valleys. Come chat with us.


How much do the teachers get paid?

Good question! Here comes the full transparency . . . brace yourself. Our teachers will get 30€/hour.

Plus some bonus money for making sweet videos.

And wine money (very important to us) for hanging out together so we can chat and improve our teaching.

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