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Igor Isanto

Rockin' the Bass since Nineteen-Eighty-Eight.

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Igor was born in Bologna, Italy. He started playing bass back in 1988 and quickly joined a band. After few years he started playing guitar as well. In Bologna he had many different bands and was playing live gigs, festivals, and clubs on regular basis. In 1997 he published "Acustika" which was my first solo album. In 1998 he emigrated to Germany, where he played professional bass in a cover band and was the solo guitarist in an original band. In just a few years, he perfomed hundreds of concerts. In 2000, he moved to Amsterdam to continue his music career where he once again worked in many different bands, performing dozens of gigs. In 2002 he published "Cold like a stone," a mini album of three of my original songs. On this album, he played not only the bass parts, but also the guitars, drums, lead and backup vocals. One-man-band.

In Amsterdam, he began teaching guitar and music theory in a state school. He has been teaching in person and online ever since. In that time, he also explored classic music and has composed some classical pieces, including "Midnight in Bologna." In 2018 I moved to Hamburg, where I continue to teach bass and guitar, write new songs and make music videos. Since March 2021 his music is being distibuted worldwide online by some of the biggest and most known music platforms.


So basically, you can't sniff at 31 years of experience in the music world as multistrumentalist, singer song writer and since 15 years bass and guitar teacher. Give me your number and let's start jamming!

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