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Jay Gummert

Clarinetist, Pianist, Music Theorist

Jay Gummert is a woodwind specialist, producer, and arts consultant living in Hamburg, Germany. An active performer, Jay has been professionally playing in pit orchestras, chamber ensembles, and as a soloist since the age of 13. Having recently relocated to Hamburg in January of 2020, Jay was active in the musical scene in Chicago, and has played in several award-winning productions. Jay received his degrees in clarinet and music theory at Michigan State University and the University of Northern Iowa. With a passion for arts management, Jay has a freelance arts consulting business in Hamburg that works with grassroots organizations and artists to develop, market, and produce concerts and events across Germany and internationally. Focusing on the intersection of music and social justice, Jay seeks to build up communities that not only value arts and culture, but see these expressions as integral parts of society.

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