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Terms & Conditions


The Verismo Music School Process:

By completing the Verismo Music School quiz, you are getting in touch with us to let us know you would be interested in taking a trial online music lesson with one of our teachers. In the quiz, you will give us several times that you could schedule an online music lesson. We will take these times to our top choice of online music teacher for your preferences. Once an online music teacher confirms a fitting time, you will receive an email with another form that includes our policies and will ask for your one-time payment for the online trial music lesson. As soon as we have received your payment, both parties will get each other's contact info and the online trial music lesson will go ahead.

If you enjoy your online trial music lesson and would then like to continue, please contact us. You can then choose to pay monthly for regular weekly or fortnightly online music lessons. These will be billed monthly for the coming month's lessons. See our cancellation policy here. See our rescheduling policy here.


You also always have the option of buying a package of 10 online music lessons at a 10% discount which will also occur at a regular time but can easily be canceled and pushed back to the next scheduled time by either the student or the teacher. These must, however, be used within 6 months or are forfeited (barring exceptional circumstances).



The unit rates are:

40€ per 60-Minute lesson

32.5€ per 45-Minute lesson

25€ per 30-Minute lesson

20€ per group class

All payments shall be paid to Verismo Music School® or VMS®.


The initial ‘Online Trial Music Lesson’ will be a single payment made in advance of the scheduled lesson time.


If it is agreed by all parties that the online music lessons should continue, payments will be made on a monthly basis in advance for all the online music lessons in the coming month (or four week billing period). This can either be for four weekly online music lessons (160€/130€/100€/mo. respectively) or for two fortnightly online music lessons (80€/65€/50€/mo. respectively). These monthly payments must be received at least 5 working days before the first online music lesson of the coming billing period, or it will be assumed that the student does not wish to continue online music lessons in that billing period.


‘Packages’ bought in a set of ten will be sold with a 10% discount or 360€/292,5€/225€ respectively. These ‘packages’ will expire 6 months after purchase. Any remaining online music lessons at the six-month expiry date are forfeited. You may only purchase a package once. If, after the ten package lessons, you'd like to continue, we'll switch you to monthly-paid regular lessons.


Payments shall be made directly to Verismo Music School and at no time shall any amount be paid by the student/payer directly to the assigned teacher. Likewise, no Verismo Music School teacher shall ask for or accept any lesson payment from a Verismo Music School student/payer.



Rescheduling made between the online music teacher and student within each billing period is possible. The student/payer and/or online music teacher may request to reschedule an online music lesson without penalty by giving at least 24 hours’ notice.


Weekly online music lessons must be rescheduled within a week of the original lesson time or by extending the length of future online music lessons.


Fortnightly online music lessons must be rescheduled to another time within that billing period or by extending the length of future online music lessons.


Our online music teachers are required to offer three make-up lesson times, regardless of who requests the rescheduling.

If, at the end of the billing period, no make-up time could be agreed upon, those online music lessons are forfeited.


A request for rescheduling a single online music lesson may be directly arranged with the online music teacher. If a permanent lesson time change needs to be made, this request must be brought to Verismo Music School.

Rescheduling Policy


If the student/payer cancels one or more scheduled online music lessons with at least 5 working days’ notice and no intention or ability to reschedule that lesson, a fee refund or lesson credit shall be given for that lesson. Notice given after 5:00 p.m. (in the payer’s respective time zone) shall be considered as the following working day. Notice of such a cancellation and request for a refund must be submitted to the Verismo Music School (not the online music teacher). Otherwise, the full fee for that online music lesson will be charged.


If the online music teacher cancels a scheduled online music lesson, they will be required to offer up to three make-up lesson times (which can also be a time extension of future online music lessons.) If, after three times have been offered and the student has refused them, that online music lesson is forfeited by the student.

Cancellation Policy

Missed Lessons:

If the student misses an online music lesson and the student/payer fails to give at least 5 working days’ notice of cancellation, or submit a request to reschedule with at least 24 hours’ notice, the student/payer shall forfeit the full fee for that lesson. No refund or credit will be given for such missed lessons and they cannot be rescheduled or made up at another time. 

Once the regular lesson subscription has begun, it is Verismo Music School policy that the students call their online music teachers at their respective times. Online music lessons will also be considered 'missed' if, after 15 minutes, the student doesn't call or make contact with the online music teacher and if the online music teacher after the lesson time has begun, cannot make contact with the student.

Missed Lesson Policy


At the request of the student/payer, online music teacher, and/or at the Verismo Music School’s discretion, the student may be reassigned from one Verismo Music School teacher to another, with appropriate notice to the parties affected.

Reassignment Policy


The student/payer may discontinue lessons and terminate this agreement at any time by notifying Verismo Music School with at least 5 working day’s notice before the next online music lesson. Verismo Music School reserves the right to discontinue online music lessons with a student/payer by likewise giving a minimum of 5 working days’ notice before the next online music lesson. The student/payer will be refunded for the remaining online music lessons of that billing period.


Verismo Music School may immediately terminate this agreement at their discretion if any misconduct occurs and/or we can no longer make contact with the student/payer. In this circumstance, Verismo Music School is not obliged to refund any remaining online music lessons.


Upon termination, the student/payer must agree to not take online music lessons from any current or former Verismo Music School teacher for a period of one year.

Termination Policy


For the purposes of this agreement only written verifiable e-mails to may constitute "notice.” The time and date of any such relevant e-mail shall be deemed as the time when notice was given, regardless of when such communication is actually read.


Any payment made to Verismo Music School® is an agreement to these terms and conditions.

Notice Policy

Extra Resources for Students:

We offer bespoke backing tracks and accompaniments with a variety of instruments as well as arrangements and transpositions to fit your learning needs. Please contact us or talk with your online music teacher about what resources you may need.


Video Usage:

Verismo Music School may ask for the student's permission to upload material where they are visibly or audibly present to the Verismo Music School social media pages or other advertisements. Verismo Music School will try to always ask the permission of each student who appears. If Verismo Music School cannot contact the student within 24 hours, we reserve the right to post the material without direct consent. If, however, the student wishes for the material to be removed afterward, Verismo Music School will heed those wishes and take the material down.

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